Publicis Groupe

Publicis Groupe, founded in 1926, is today the world’s 3rd largest communications company, the global leader in digital communications. Present across the entire value chain, Publicis Groupe’s new purpose is “to be the admired force for business transformation, driven through the alchemy of creativity and technology”.

From startup to “Connecting Company”

Publicis essentially began as a start-up in 1926, founded by Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet. Since then, it has never taken its eyes off the future. Thanks to its founder’s pioneering spirit, unwavering convictions and ethical values, his legendary fighting spirit, Publicis group and its 80,000 employees have become a global force for change. Its history includes a succession of innovations and transformations that have allowed the Groupe to adapt and support its clients through major societal changes.

Since 2006, Publicis Groupe has anticipated the advent of the digital era and acquired the assets and expertise necessary to excel in end-to-end digital communication – digital services represent 55% of our activity -while always keeping creativity and innovation at its core.

In order to best serve its clients and pre-empt the future, Publicis Groupe transformed its own business model in late 2015. With the introduction of “The Power of One”, the Groupe’s guiding philosophy behind its new organization, and its presence across the whole of the communications' value chain, Publicis Groupe has gone from a “Holding Company” to a “Connecting Company”.

Publicis Groupe’s new model puts clients at the center of the organization and delivers services byproviding seamless and modular access to its expertise across all areas of communications, consulting, technology and advertising in its top 20 markets under four Solutions hubs: Publicis Communications (BBH, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, MSL, and Prodigious), Publicis Media (Starcom, Optimedia | Blue 449, Zenith and Mediavest | Spark), Publicis. Sapient (DigitasLBi, Razorfish, SapientNitro, and Sapient Consulting) and Publicis Health. Publicis One bridges these expertise together under one roof in all other markets.

Golden Bridge United Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.

Golden Bridge United Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., based in Beijing of China, is a wholly foreign-owned financial leasing company approved and incorporated in accordance with the Measures for the Administration of Foreign-Funded Lease Industry made by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and its parent company is Golden Bridge United Holdings Group (Hong Kong) Limited.

GBU’s shareholders are China Everbright Limited and international famous financial groups. GBU is dedicated to providing stock revitalization in the form of financial leasing for Chinese urban infrastructure construction, urban public utilities construction, large-sized enterprise group companies, listed companies, the energy transmission trade, and the transportation trade and dedicated to structural innovative financial service that supports the urban infrastructure construction and the sustainable development of real economy with increase.

Aiming at China’s economic development requirements, GBU integrates industries and finance in a creative way, devising a featured financial leasing model, namely “GBU Model”, with such characteristics where based on the resources organizing capability and the resources value adding capability, boost the development of Chinese urban infrastructure construction and urban public utilities construction.

GBU is providing and has provided nearly 100 billion RMB of funds in aggregate for the urban infrastructure construction and urban public utilities construction projects in China, including expressway projects, municipal water pipe network projects, sewage pipe network projects, heating pipe network projects, gas supply pipe network projects, light railway and subway projects, airport facilities projects, and port and dock projects, etc.


Founded by a forward thinking team of German and Chinese engineers, TGOOD has grown to become a world leader in E-House systems. Over the past decade, TGOOD has provided prefabricated Substation and E-House systems for projects in some of the world’s most remote locations and inhospitable operating environments. TGOOD is the first company to be listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Growth Enterprise Board (“The Shenzhen NASDAQ” 300001:CH).

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